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What We Do

Learn more about our Revolutionary Approach to Managed Account Trading

West Capital Trading was founded by Richard Anderson and team in 2012 for private, institutional investors, opening the first full-service retail accounts in early 2016. Richard knew there were no funds offering a truly diversified modern approach with a wide variety of trading instruments. West Capital Trading is now a full service managed account trading firm offering retail accounts worldwide.

We offer a simple approach to your trading needs with an impressive Managed Account Platform that allows users to watch their accounts grow by logging in 24 hours a day. Clients have the ability to view their account anytime, but are not required to make any trade execution decisions on their own behalf.

Our Professional Approach

Our traders have a combined 40 years of experience allowing them to achieve impressive trading returns while clients monitor their accounts from around the world via their computer or smartphone/tablet devices.

West Capital Trading is continually engaging the necessary level of perpetual market research and development in order to consistently maintain a continuing state of relevance with respect to the constantly changing global financial markets.

The trading team executes high probability trades and is in constant evaluation of respectively traded instrument algorithms with ongoing evaluation of new exotic instruments regularly.

Utilizing our proprietary algorithms, during specifically isolated trading periods, customary price action is very carefully identified as most conducive to our underlying strategies.

  • Only the highest probability trades are taken, utilizing sophisticated analytical models to determine and identify these opportunities on specific trading instruments.
  • Judicious risk management principles are applied to the trading account in order generate a driven quantitative trade model, thus improving consistency.
  • All trading strategies are proprietary to the trader and used on a risk management scale to be placed with a pre-determined exposure in the overall trading strategy.
  • Trades are monitored 24 hours to ensure safety of client funds.
Our team working around computers

West Capital Trading maintains an extremely extensive background in the Finance sector. As stated previously, our primary focus in the early trading stages was purely on institutional clients. All of our original manual systems and algorithms were created solely to be marketed to large, professional institutional investors. Upon the 2016 Cryptocurrency/FX boom, we began offering these services to retail trading clients from all around the world. We currently have clients from 31 countries seeking to diversify their investment portfolio with our impressive sophisticated trading strategies.

Our firm has developed strong skills into the fact that these global markets are an extremely liquid, cost-efficient and well developed asset class which adhere to very particular price action conducive to achieving outsized profit targets. It is through the advanced research of the nature of the world’s largest financial markets which allow our trade managers to employ use of specialized, insight-driven trading systems and consistently achieve these returns.

A group picture of our team

Benefits of a Managed Account with West Capital Trading

  • Trading team with 40 years (combined) trader experience.
  • Diversified trading strategy utilizing over five traders with 10+ trading strategies.
  • Funds deposited to Bank Brokerage Liquidity Provider.
  • Track Records 100% Verified by 3rd Party Trading Verification Sites and CPA Firm.
  • Trading Platform Accessible 24 Hours a Day to View Account by Computer or Mobile Device.
  • No "Hands on" Trading Required - 100% Managed Trading.
  • No Upfront Costs, only pay Performance Fee on Net Profits.

Key Leadership Team Spotlight:

Konstantin Baev (CEO)

Bogdan Zahorsky WCI CEO

  • M.B.A. degree from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, one of the eight world-renowned Ivy League schools, has the regional certification of MSCHE and the independent certification of AACSB International.

  • Wharton is known as the birthplace of the modern MBA in the world and the premier business school with the longest history in the world. Famous alumni include Warren Buffett, US President Trump, and Tesla Car Musk.

  • Twenty years of professional experience in the financial industry and investment fund management.
  • Anastasia Shepelina

    Moataz Elraddaf WCI Operations Director

  • Moatazhas many years of trading experience in the fund management industry. The assets involved include securities, real estate trust funds, futures, options, CFDs, ETFs and fixed income and government bonds.

  • Moataz's background in the fund management industry-specializing in hedging transactions, portfolio management and risk management-provides us with a cross-market perspective and in-depth insights into the correlation of multiple assets.

  • Moataz joined WCI in 2015 as a market analyst, sharing market insights and trading skills for our clients through quarterly large-scale investment seminars and educational lectures. His research report is also shared with Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mainland China and other regional media Partner sharing.
  • Anatoly Bulanov

    Valerio WCI Account Manager (Asia Pacific)

  • Mr. Valerio holds a master's degree in applied finance. Mr. Valerio provides local and global market analysis, develops trading strategies and plays a significant role in client trading training for the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Valerio has 10 years of financial market experience, specializing in derivatives trading.

  • He was the head of Asia-Pacific trading, where he was responsible for controlling global market risk, while also leading research and training strategies.

  • He has also worked as a self-employed trader at the world's top investment banks and brokers, managed currency market accounts, carried out foreign exchange arbitrage business, and also worked as an option market maker on the trading floor of exchanges.
  • Oleksiy Cherepanov

    Ilia Gorev WCI Account Manager (Asia Pacific)

  • Mr. Ilia Gorev holds a master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics. Graduated from the Taurida Institute of the Crimean Federal University, Simferopol, Russia.

  • Simferopol Web Studio "Webium". PHP developer. Responsible for the "back-end" development of all company products, such as CRM systems, databases, etc. Use Yii 1.1 framework, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, PHP-5.6, HTML, CSS.

  • Simferopol Web Studio "SofteX". ASP.net developers.

  • He was the head of Asia-Pacific technology, responsible for controlling the development of technology programming in the global market, and leading research and training strategies.
  • Ilan Azbel

    Chekalin Denys U.S. Legal Broker United Financial (Account Manager Representative)

  • Denys holds numerous degrees, including a PhD in Finance from Kings College in London, as well as a Master of Science with distinction from Cass Business School.

  • Denys publishes opinions, experience, and research findings on the growing phenomenon of social trading. His work is published in top academic finance journals. Denys is a senior finance professional with over seven years of international experience in risk management, market making, financial modeling, consulting, product development, business operations, and strategy.

  • His current work at United Financial as the Account Manager Representative involves developing market making algorithms and building performance metrics and risk systems to ensure steady growth of trading operations.
  • Konstantin Baev (CEO)

    NICK Market analysis cum News Editor

    Launched Finance Magnates in 2009 as a simple blog in an effort to bring more transparency to the forex market. Ever since the humble project grew into a world leading portal providing daily news, commentary and research about the financial industry in 7 languages. Since 2012 Finance Magnates is also operating several major industry B2B conferences such as Tokyo and London Summit and IFXEXPO Asia.

    Anastasia Shepelina

    Sherman Senior News Reporter

    Analyze and search information and cases related to world finance and investment with a team of market analysts. Sherman has the ability to communicate in 6 languages and therefore has achieved outstanding performance in international forums and other communication fields.

    Anatoly Bulanov

    Christine News Reporter