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Trade Verification is paramount to investors being able to do their due diligence when choosing a trading firm.

Below you will find our CPA Audited performance details, and links to many of the individual strategies our experienced team utilizes on a daily bases to achieve above-average trading returns. The individual trading strategies below are primarily our currency strategies as they allow individual profiling on third-party verification sites. Commodity and other strategies are integrated into our overall performance figures in the CPA Audit.

Our team uses multiple strategies to diversify risk. Contact us with any questions. Thank you.

Full Compounded Performance since Inception:

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*Account leverage varies by individual trading strategy.

By using multiple trading strategies on all client trading accounts, West Capital Trading is allowed a diversified approach that minimizes risk by only allowing the system to allot a specific number of trading lots to each strategy.

All client Managed Trading Accounts will receive all of the trades our Trading Desk Manager feels best suited to our diversified approach. Please note Crypto strategies may not be visible on MyFXBook due to incompatibility with these instruments.


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