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West Capital Trading Review 2018

West Capital Review

Founded in 2012, West Capital is an investment management platform that is involved in stocks, forex, commodity and now cryptocurrency trading.

The rise of crypto trading presented the company with the opportunity to use their tested strategies and offer their advanced services to the investors in the volatile crypto market. For the past 3 to 4 years, West Capital has been offering cryptocurrency specific professionally managed trading accounts by award-winning traders.

The platform initially catered to institutional investors only to further expand its services to retail accounts in 2016. By not using automated bots or trading systems for the trades, the company sets itself apart from its competitors by having a robust team equipped with 40 years of combined experience. Additionally, they utilize the most advanced trading instruments available and four tried and tested separate trading systems to deliver the best risk-to-reward ratios.

Investment management
Through its Managed Account Platform, West Capital, with a long history in the financial sector offers a simple solution to all your trading needs. The investors can monitor their accounts 24 hours a day while the experts grow their investments.

The managed account service provider doesn’t provide its clients a trading platform rather a proprietary platform to view the status of their investment account in real time. Being compatible with iOS and Android-powered devices, investors can also access the platform from their smartphones.

Moreover, the team always stays ahead of the market by constantly researching and evaluating the new crypto instruments and trading pairs. The trading game

Users are presented with a couple of options to get started with West Capital management services. The standard account allows you to create a free account that requires a minimum investment of €3,000 plus 18 percent performance fee. The VIP account involves the minimum investment of €12,500 plus 12 percent performance fee, no mark upon spreads and 45 days trial period during which no performance fees will be charged. Both involves no management and account opening fees, 24 hours access to the trading dashboard and 25/5 customer support.

West Capital is followed in order to verify brokerage account holders that require documents such as ID, passport or utility bill to certify identity.

Additionally, for fund safety, all the funds are deposited in the Bank Brokerage Liquidity Provider. And being verified by a CPA firm and third-party trading validation sites, its track record instill confidence.

West Capital offers an ATM card called GLOBAL to access funds and withdraw 24/7 worldwide. Clients are allowed to withdraw from their investment even if new trades are open. Withdrawals are processed by the company on the same business days at European time. Final thoughts

When it comes to taxes, West Capital doesn’t handle or gets involved in clients’ tax liabilities. Furthermore, it does not offer any legal advice on tax payments.

The main offices of West Capital are located in Tokyo, Japan while multiple independent branch offices are open throughout Europe and Asia.

West Capital is a legit international trading company as per their history and track record. Keeping in mind that foreign exchange trading is risky and crypto is a highly volatile yet profitable market, choosing a legit, trustworthy and right company to manage your funds is imperative to mitigate risks and amplify your profits.