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West Capital Trading Review 2018

West Capital Review

Are you in search of a Forex/Cryptocurrency/Commodity managed trading account that you can trust, which offers you a chance to trade in both fiat and cryptocurrencies? The West Capitalplatform is just what you need.

A team headed by Richard Anderson founded West Capital in 2012 to institutional investors. The platform is open to both institutional and private investors with the first full-service retail accounts being open in 2016. When Richard set up West Capital, he knew that there was no other fund, which offered FX/ Currency, Commodity, and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies.

What to Expect
The platform offers a simple solution to all your trading needs via a simple Managed Account Platform. You can watch your account grow in real-time. While the clients can monitor how their account is performing, they don’t have to worry about making the trade execution decision all by themselves.

The Trading Fees
Unlike some of the platforms, West Capital charges fees based on the performance. Users on the platform will not be required to pay a management fee for getting started on West Capital. It has a transparent, flat fee of 18%, charged on net profits made by an account over a period of one year.

However, if you open a VIP account, which means you deposit more money, the fee is lowered to about 14%. Of course, you will not be paying any management fees either. The account you own on the platform can be upgraded at any time to VIP status.

For transparency’s sake, all returns are displayed as gross, which means they are shown before any deductions are made. This is in line with the platform’s policy of full transparency. You should also know that it is possible to open multiple trading accounts as long as you are able to produce the Passport/Utility Bill of the main account holder.

The Taxation Policy
The platform has a clear policy to not involve itself or handle any of the clients’ tax liabilities. The policy has been adopted keeping its operation model in mind. West Capital is operational across multiple jurisdictions, and it is not feasible to transmit different statements in different formats to multiple tax jurisdictions.

Besides, West Capital doesn’t offer any legal advice on tax payments. It is up to the users to sort out their tax liabilities and claims on profits as per their local laws and regulations.

Find out more about West Capital at – http://westcapitaltrading.com/

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My Experience Trading with West Capital and Final Conclusion

In over a year, my account continues to grow, and all support queries including withdrawals are executed extremely promptly. There is nothing not to like about this firm. Strongly recommend West Capital to anyone looking for a legitimate provider in an ocean full of scams.