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West Capital Trading Review 2018

West Capital Review

West Capital is a new fund, originally founded by Richard Anderson and his team in 2012 as a developer and seller of trading strategies, and at the time of writing is about to begin offering a wider and more publicized opportunity to both private individuals and institutions to invest. Their primary base of operations is in Japan. West Capital is now a member of the Financial Commission as well as a signatory with the FX Global Code, and the Crypto Valley Switzerland Association.

West Capital: A Fund of Traders

The fund’s mandate is to trade Forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies, with the aim of securing a high reward at a low-risk. The fund state that their trading desk is monitored twenty-four hours per day, by a team of professional traders enjoying a combined forty years of trading experience. The team trades ten different trading strategies, but seemingly allow some discretion by the traders in the execution of the strategies. The heart of their trading philosophy is technical, based upon price action and time of day. The fund provided us with a link to two accounts whose performance we have been able to view, stating that this is the basis of their trading. The very strong performances over 2016 and 2017 are verified by myfxbook, with one of the accounts seeming to trade on a long-term basis, showing an average trade length of thirty-nine days (position trading), while the other trades on a more short-term basis, showing an average trade length of three hours (day trading). Myfxbook shows that the long-term trading style has secured a very impressive monthly return.

Fees & Investment
If you wish to invest in this fund, here is how it works: a standard account may be opened with a minimum deposit of 3,000 Euros. A VIP account requires a minimum deposit of 12,500 Euros. With the standard account, a fee of 18% of profits is charged from the high-water mark. This means that if you invest 3,000 Euros, and your account goes up to 4,000 Euros, West Capital keep 18% of the profit (180 Euros), and will not charge you any more of this performance fee until your total net profit goes higher still. There are no other fees. We think this is a great fee basis as it is entirely performance-incentivized. The VIP account offers a lower performance fee, at only 12%, as well as initial 45-day period free from the fee calculation after the initial deposit is made with the fund. West Capital states that all client accounts are segregated, with trades executed through a range of liquidity providers, but at this stage it is unclear exactly who those liquidity providers will be.


Unlike most Funds, in terms of accessibility, West Capital acts like a trader – you don’t trade the account yourself, because it is managed by them. Yet you can log in at any time from your PC, laptop or mobile device to their platform and see exactly what is going on with your account. As well as the balance and net profit & loss and full history, you can see exactly which trades your account is invested in at any time, and watch the performance in real time.

We believe this Fund is one of the most interesting Crypto/Forex funds available on the market at the moment. Its group of experienced traders and its dedicated team make it a very unique and exciting opportunity for those looking to outsource the management of their trading account.