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We are always excited to answer client questions as promptly as possible.

Below you will find many of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients.

What are your trading fees?

We charge based on performance only. That means you pay no start-up or "management" fees such as with traditional financial firms. Our fee is 18% of the NET Profits your account gains. That means if your account is to profit €10,000.00 in a year - our fee will be €1800.00 leaving you with €8200.00 profit. Fees are charged monthly around the 10th of the next month for the previous month profit.

If you are to open a VIP Account however (€12,500+) the fee is lowered to just 12% Performance Fee. And of course no management/other fees. (You may upgrade account type anytime, please note however net profits do not count towards this account type incentive).

Are the profit returns displayed on the track record before or after fees?

The returns are gross (before) fees in order to show total transparency on our trading account figures.

May I open more than one account?

Yes, we allow multiple trading accounts to be opened as long as KYC (Passport/Utility Bill) is produced for the primary account holder.

Is your Support Department easily accessible?

Yes! We know how frustrating modern corporate support is and we take pride in offering fast, friendly, and most importantly, efficient customer service 24 Hours a Day.

Are profits from my trading account taxable?

Taxes paid on your trading profits are based on your local tax jurisdiction. As we have clients in dozens of countries, we do not transmit client statements to any tax authorities.

We are also unable to provide any legal/tax advice due to global regulations. You may download statements however anytime from our platform as needed by your local tax authorities.

Are account profits compounded?

Yes. Profits are compounded on your trading account. As your account grows over time, we adjust the leverage to your account size to ensure you are receiving maximum profit.

Do you use MetaTrader / What Trading Platform is used? 

Many clients are familiar with the popular retail trading platform, MetaTrader 4/5. We use a professional proprietary platform that links to your trading account via the MirrorTrader platform. We are unable to accommodate MetaTrader accounts due to incompatibilities with some advanced trading instruments.

Are you affiliated with "Point Trading" or "Trade" or any other companies? 

No. West Capital Trading / Group and Rate are our only brands. These other firms are not related to us. 

Is your Performance Verified? 

Yes of course. You can learn more on our Trading Record page and view our CPA Audit/Verified 3rd Party Trading Records from our Traders. We believe in holding multiple verification methods to ensure transparency. 

Do you have an Affiliate / Introducing Broker program? 

Yes. We are happy to build a revenue sharing program to meet your needs.

Our satisfied client base allows the majority of our new accounts to be opened from word of mouth.  We believe in rewarding those who invite friends and family to participate in the program.

Do you trade Binary Options?  

Absolutely not.  We get asked very frequently if we can manage "Binary" Option trading accounts.

Our firm strongly believes that Binary Options is the same as casino gambling and therefore cannot be meticulously traded the way other professional instruments are with careful market examination.

We strongly recommend reading this Forbes article to learn more.

How can I make a Deposit or Withdrawal to my account?

As soon as your account is opened, you will be able to log-in the platform where the "Deposit" and "Withdrawal" buttons will be available. 

The majority of our customer user Bank Wire Transfer as well as Bitcoin deposits to make deposits/withdrawals to their trading account. 

Can I use a Credit Card?

West Capital Trading does not recommend credit card deposits as fees can be as high as 7-10% with many providers. 

Brokerages that allow no-fee credit card deposits are generally "Market Maker" firms as it's impossible to recoup the high fees as an ECN/STP brokerage.

Is there a Deposit Bonus?

We currently do not have any percentage-based bonuses available. Many brokers offer large bonuses to entice customer deposits. We exercise caution with these brokerages as they tend to have wide spreads, excessive withdrawal rules, and slippage.

May I view the Trading Account regularly?

Yes of course. You may log-in at anytime to view your account's trading performance. If you have any questions as well, do contact us anytime.

Do I need to do anything to execute the trades on my account? 

No. You will have viewing access to your account at all times, however all account trading is done by our professional team that receives trade-only access to your account. 

Can I make a 3rd Party Deposit? 

No. Account deposits must be made from the account owner. You may however add additional parties to the account by supplying their KYC (Passport/Utility Bill) to have a Joint Account.

What Currency can my Account be Traded in?

At this time, all accounts are established and traded in EUR as it is the most popular currency for English-speaking investors.

If we were to establish USD, GBP, AUD, HKD, JPY, and other currency accounts, we would be required to have a unique trading group for every currency at each provider we work with. 

What is your Withdrawal Policy?

You may withdraw funds from your account anytime, regardless of trades being opened.

All withdrawals are processed the same business day, European time. Please note there is no fee for withdrawals however withdrawals may be executed once per month.

Do you offer Company-owned accounts?

Yes. You may open an account as a local company or Offshore IBC if you prefer as well.

Is there a Minimum / Maximum Investment Amount? 

Yes. The absolute minimum is €3000 for a Standard Account. There is currently no maximum deposit. However, we do caution clients in depositing more than €250,000 PER trading account to ensure the fastest trade execution. 

What is the Regulation of this type of Program? 

West Capital is a proud member of the IDACB, IFMRRC, and Foreign Exchange Global Committee. You may learn more on our Regulation page as well.

Where are your Traders/Offices Located?

Our primary trading office is located in Tokyo, Japan. However, we have worldwide traders servicing our firm as independent trading strategies working from financial service provider offices throughout Europe and Asia.

We also have support staff globally as well as remote in order to provide 24 hour customer service. 

Are there any restrictions to opening an account?

We are unable to provide any services to residents/citizens of the United States, Japan, South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Myanmar, Yemen, or any other restricted country due sanctions or regulations imposed that may not be mentioned in this list. You must be at least 18 years old and legally eligible to participate in the program based on the local laws of the country you reside in and any global bank sanctions.

If I do not have a Computer can I use my Mobile Device to Track my Account? 

Yes. Our website and trading platform are all fully functional with Apple/Android phones and tablets.

In case of my Death, who would be able to Access my Funds? 

You may add a Power of Attorney to your account in order to establish rightful account access.

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