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Since its inception, WCI has always position it’s eye-catching investment performance in the first place and forming a unique brand advantage. Nonetheless with an outstanding astonishing investment result and first-class customer service, it has won the recognition and trust of many trading investors and global institutions.

The company is well aware of the reforms. World finance is already facing political and economic instability. Various common investment tools such as stocks, crude oil, real estate, etc. will be severely impacted, but gold embodies a good safe haven. Since the gold market will not easily being artificially manipulate by the economic crisis, the price of gold can remain unchanged or even steadily rise, maintaining the value of assets and enhancing its own risk-averse nature. Therefore, investors gets the greatest protection in terms of price fairness.

In 2020 global finance insight, WCI has create this opportunities as planned to launched a strong initiative investment project which is the Dynamic Gold Fund I (DGFI).

We are proud to have the collaboration in-conjunction with the Australian Funds Agency (YOU CAN TRUST), (OCEAN CAPITAL ADVISOR®) and (THE RICI®).

WCI is very honored to invite the Global Investment Legand - Jim Rogers to jointly promote the fund to the world, and work together with global investors to brave the economic peak! The investment objective and investment policy of the fund is to focus on investment management, product development, risk control and effective maintenance of the fund's profitability. In addition, WCI also strictly abides by the regulatory regulations of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) of the various regulatory units to implement fund operations and international projects that cooperate with multiple international units and industry authorities.

WCI is determined to be a market expert in the global financial market, and has developed a set of effective new emerging research methods on stocks and market trend. Thus, the investment performance of this funds has been preeminence recognized by investors.

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Hedging Segregated Fund Guarantees
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Advantages of Dynamic Gold Fund I:

Recognized and trusted by investors
Developed new emerging research methods on stocks and market trend
In-conjuction and guide by Global Finance Legandary investment adviser
The gold market cannot be manipulated
Gold is the best safe-haven investment
Multiple advantages of gold foreign exchange operation
Initiated by numbers of international unit and joined forces
Supervised by major international regulatory agencies
Pros of open-end funds strategy
Gold has the strongest correlation with foreign exchange


Australia YOU CAN TRUST®

Regulatory Faculty

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority(APRA)
Australian Securities and Investment Commission(ASIC)


Jim Rogers, a modern figure on Wall Street, is known as the most visionary international investor and professor of finance, and is one of the most successful practitioners in the US finance industry. He graduated from Yale University and Oxford University, and began his career in the investment management industry. In 1970, he and Soros co-founded the Quantum Fund to become the core figure of the Quantum Fund, known as "the father of the Austrian stock market". Quantum Fund's average annual return rate has exceeded 50% for ten consecutive years. In 1980, 37-year-old Rogers withdrew from the Quantum Fund, and he accumulated a huge wealth of tens of millions of dollars for himself. After 1980, Rogers began his own investment career. Has become one of the greatest investors in the world. Rogers is also a long-time contributor to Time, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Barron Weekly, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times.

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